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Electrical services for your business – save money, save time 

Get a wide range of installation and maintenance services from an experienced and expert team.  

Building Maintenance:
Whether you’re a building owner or a tenant, our maintenance service is the best way to keep your electrics running smoothly. We carry out monthly or bi-monthly electrical maintenance on office blocks and other commercial buildings, as well as common areas and car parks. This also means checking, repairing and replacing your lighting as needed.

Test & Tag Electrical Equipment:
Safety and efficiency are essential for any business. To make sure your equipment is running smoothly, we’ll test your portable electrical equipment in offices or industrial spaces.

Thermal Imaging:
Thermal imaging can help you spot issues with plant equipment and electrical switchboards.By highlighting hotspots in electrical systems you’ll catch and resolve problems before they cause equipment failure or even fire.

IQP Certification:
Bring your premises up to standard with Thompson. We’re fully certified and independent so we can test your building’s emergency lighting systems for Building Warrant of Fitness Certification.

Power Usage Surveys & Solutions:
Wasting energy is bad for the environment – and for your bottom line. New legislation is only increasing these costs. We’ll survey your electricity supply to make sure your meter is working properly, check your building’s energy efficiency, and help find ways to save you money.  

Certified Data Installation:
Most businesses would be lost without phone and internet. Whether you’re refitting your office, moving premises, or fitting out a new building, our certified installers can provide you with the complex phone and data systems you need.

Control Systems:
Efficient, tailored control systems can transform the way you manage your buildings. Talk to us – we’re the control system experts.

Light Industrial Solutions:
Regular maintenance, upgrades, and replacements mean your business isn’t disrupted by equipment failure. At Thompson Electrical, industrial environments are our speciality. We provide general maintenance and services like main board replacements, supply cable upgrades and generator installations.

Mechanical Services:
If you need something installed, like an air conditioning unit, we can help with a range of mechanical services, including wiring control and power cabling.

Keep your staff, clients and stock safe with a security system. We’ll install and maintain security access points and CCTV control systems in your office or industrial premises.

General Services:
From rewiring an office to new builds, installing light fittings or improving energy efficiency, at Thompson Electrical, no job is too large or small. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to do the job right and with minimal impact on you and your business.

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